VÚB Banka

As part of the core banking system replacement project, we delivered a complete solution for the Data Integration Stream domain. We used a modern data architecture to provide data collection, automate data collection, processing and publishing processes.

Client: VÚB Banka

Industry: Banking

Technology: Oracle, Informatica, Power Designer,  Microsoft SQL Server, MS Analysis services, MS Reporting Services

Client description

VUB is the second largest bank in Slovakia and the only universal bank licensed to provide a full range of banking services. VUB Bank is a member of the international Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which operates in 29 countries worldwide and is one of the most important banking groups in the euro zone.


As the bank was replacing the main banking system for an overseas branch, a number of data integration changes were required. During the changes, we emphasized on system modernization, amendments due to legislative conditions and elimination of problems in the IT architecture from the past.

Implementation description

We created a comprehensive solution integrated into the banking environment that provides outputs for regulatory reporting needs for risk, accounting and controlling management, MIS and other internal and external customers of VUB Bank.

Main benefits of the new solution

When creating the solution, we focused on streamlining key data integration needs, resulting in quality improvements on multiple levels.

Technological development

Readiness to respond to new trends and requirements of the parent bank and legislation.

Stable collaboration

Long-term cooperation will ensure mutual understanding and a solid foundation free from errors.

Tailor-made solutions

The needs of the bank are not limited because we can adapt the software to the requirements.

Bringing expertise

Many years of experience in the banking segment are an advantage when designing new solutions.


We ensured continuity of reporting processes so the data consumers are not impacted by changes to the core banking system. We created a data base that is used bank-wide as a target platform for the bank’s comprehensive reporting.

Next steps

The collaboration with VUB continues to move forward in the next stages. We are gradually implementing the development and integration of other solutions to improve data reporting, such as Corep, Finrep, Tagetik and others. We also cover the development of a tool for matching accounting transactions and reconciling GL accounts.

„We perceive MAIND’s professional approach and assistance in the analytical, implementation, and coordination part of the Data Integration Stream as key and differentiating.“

„As one of the largest banks in the Slovak Republic, we have faced a number of technology and implementation challenges over the past three years. The area of data integration, BI and reporting is one that is affected and touched by virtually every major banking project. It is also subject to frequent changes in terms of legal and regulatory requirements. Last but not least, the consolidation of data architecture and Data Governance presents an opportunity to optimize and simplify the entire IT architectural landscape within the bank. As we implemented a complex core banking system replacement program for our Prague branch, the impact on the data landscape was very complex. We see MAIND’s professional approach and assistance in both the analytical, implementation and coordination part of the Data Integration Stream as key and differentiating. Whether it concerns the expertise of the individual people themselves, the overall quality of the delivery, but also the correctness in the cooperation and the strictness in meeting the project milestones.“

Milan Jamrich, ICT Director, VUB, a.s.

Used technologies
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