2022-08-10T14:45:48+02:0010 augusta, 2022|

Enterprise data warehouse for controlling and reporting in the field of leasing.

2022-08-10T14:41:46+02:0010 augusta, 2022|

DaLoP ( Data Logistic Platform) product - deployment of the 1st module RunMan at the client's bank. It is a tool for automatic running and monitoring

2022-08-10T14:38:43+02:0010 augusta, 2022|

Data integration partner for the Core Banking System exchange at VUB, Intesa Sanpaolo group.  

2022-08-10T14:35:28+02:0010 augusta, 2022|

Establishment of the Neit Group holding. The merge of MAIND and Neit Consulting created a joint supplier group Neit Group, which provides services in the field

2022-08-10T14:32:30+02:0010 augusta, 2022|

First large project in banking - customer-oriented ODS for CSOB Slovakia.

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