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The history of MAIND is closely related to the events of 1989. In those days, as students at the university, we began to understand what freedom means, what possibilities it provides. The world opened up to us towards the west, large corporations entered the market, banks underwent major transformations, the first mobile operators were created. It was a great opportunity to participate in the rebirth of the entire society and learn something in the process. All this somehow naturally eventually resulted in the creation of smaller Slovak companies, among which were ISP and MAIND. We managed to join forces, find a common agreement, which turned out to be a step in the right direction. After the initial difficult periods, we managed to flip the way we operate from supplying consultants for large technology companies to delivering complete projects directly to end customers.

Today, I can consider MAIND as a significant player on the Slovak market in the field of Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Integration, which is able to deliver solutions and consultations for any customer, including large multinational companies.

Stefan Priehoda


Rastislav Micik

Sales director

Dušan Hecko

Managing director

Szabolcs Puskas

Technical director

Martin Pavlik

DWH/BI architect

Lubomir Goryl

DWH/BI architect

Vanda Gabajova

Human resources

Peter Kovac

Finance manager

Zuzana Uhlárová

Zuzana Uhlárová

Office manager

Ivan Dusenko

Project manager

Maria Micíkova

Project manager

Jozef Lipovsky

Project manager

Bronislava Potancok

Project manager

Establishment of 2 separate companies MAIND and ISP focusing on DWH and reporting.

Merge of MAIND and ISP into one company MAIND, s.r.o. first joint contract for EXIsport.

New office space – transfer to GBC, increase in number of employees.

BI as a Service – custom BI as a Service solution for TMR.

Solution to support D2C sales of insurance products.

First large project in banking – customer-oriented ODS for CSOB Slovakia.

Establishment of the Neit Group holding. The merge of MAIND and Neit Consulting created a joint supplier group Neit Group, which provides services in the field of DWH, BI, CRM and BPM on the Slovak, Czech and Austrian markets. Total of about 200 DWH, BI, IT experts.

Data integration partner for the Core Banking System exchange at VUB, Intesa Sanpaolo group.


DaLoP ( Data Logistic Platform) product – deployment of the 1st module RunMan at the client’s bank. It is a tool for automatic running and monitoring of data processing in DHW/ODS/DataMart.

100 staff at MAIND.

Enterprise data warehouse for controlling and reporting in the field of leasing.

CTM – Code Tables Management, reference data management tool.


We have been sponsoring the Olympian and Triathlete Richard Varga for quite some time now. He works with terms like speed, heart rate, lactate curve, etc.

Our customers work with terms like revenue, profit, gross margin and a list of others. However, the goal is the same in both cases – to be among the elite in your field with your optimal performance!